Winter Parking Restrictions in effect. No Parking on Village Streets after 2" of snowfall until snow is plowed to the curb



Snow Plowing Process:
The priority of plowing streets is based on street usage and levels of traffic. Primary streets will be plowed first, then secondary streets, and finally, cul-de-sacs, alleys and dead-ends will be plowed last. Residents should also be aware that snow may not be pushed, piled, blown or dumped into streets. Violators may be ticketed with a minimum fine of $50.00.

Winter Parking Restrictions: The North Aurora Police Department would like to remind residents that winter street parking restrictions are currently in effect. Parking on Village streets after a 2" snowfall is not allowed until the snow is plowed to the curb. This could be the day following a snowstorm.

Public Works personnel will be working hard to clear the streets but they need your cooperation, as vehicles parked on the street slow down the plowing process and drain police resources needed to remove them. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and may be towed, resulting in a minimum fine of $50.00 and tow fees that could exceed $100. If you suspect your vehicle was towed from the street during snow removal, call the North Aurora Police Department at 630-897-8705. Please move all vehicles off of the roadway until the snowstorm is over and plowing is complete. We appreciate your cooperation.

Mailbox Policy During Snow Removal

Mailboxes will be replaced at the Village’s expense only if a snowplow hits the mailbox. At this time, the driver of the plow will report it to the Superintendent of Public Works for repair or replacement. All replacement mailboxes will be a standard metal box and a treated 4x4 wooden post. If a decorative or different mailbox is desired, the extra cost will be up to the homeowner.

Mailboxes will not be replaced or repaired by the Village if the mailbox is damaged due to snow coming off of the plow. If the force of the snow does damage to the mailbox, it could mean that the mailbox or post was defective before the snow hit it, therefore the Village is not responsible.

Please call the Village Hall at 630-897-8228 if your mailbox is damaged by a plow during snow removal.

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